Bellevue Interior Painters

Bellevue is an up-and-coming suburb of Seattle, WA. It is located across Lake Washington from Seattle. The population is estimated at 117,000 people. The view to the east features the Cascade Mountains and the Olympics to the west.

Bellevue has experienced a lot of growth economically in the past several years. Employment is expected to increase 20%-30% within the next 10 years. The average income is well above the country’s median. Even so, it is a very affordable place to live and home ownership is high.

If you are one of the fortunate homeowners in the Bellevue area, you might be considering sprucing up your current interior paint. You have probably even spent hours pouring over colors and textures. There are a couple of ideas to consider when choosing interior paint that involves making the size and atmosphere of the room appear to change.

To make a room look smaller, you may want to use dark colors or warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows, which make the room feel more cozy and inviting. Matte sheens for walls also minimize the appearance of size.

To make a room appear bigger, you will want to use cooler shades like blues, greens and purples. Shiny surfaces also create a sense of spaciousness. A semi-gloss does a great deal for a small kitchen or bathroom, however for a small bedroom, you will want to use a more subtle sheen. If you are trying to make an entire house or apartment seem bigger, try the same pallette of colors throughout the house. Vary the hues or try using one color for the trim and another for the walls and then switching the two colors in the connecting room.

Ceilings can also be affected by interior paint colors. To make a ceiling appear lower, paint the ceiling darker than the walls. The reverse is true if you are trying to give the appearance of a higher ceiling.

Shearer painting is ready to tackle your Bellevue interior painting project today. We employ fully trained, journeymen painters. We use only the finest interior paints and products and have a long list of references and testimonials to back up our work ethic and quality. Call or email us today for a Free Estimate!

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