Exterior Painting

When your property needs to be painted, it’s always a good idea to hire a qualified professional. Shearer Painting contractors are trained to handle the details involved in preventative care, preparation, and application of paint to your interiors and exteriors.

Service offerings include pressure washing, waterproofing, prime coating, sanding, scraping, and anti-graffiti coating. Our Seattle Painters are fully equipped to handle large jobs like apartment buildings, condominium complexes, hotels, offices, and any variety of residential housing work.

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How to Select Exterior Colors

  • When selecting exterior paint colors, take the fixed colors into account (like the roof, brick, stonework or any stained wood), and make sure all the colors look good together.
  • Light colors will make a small house seem larger, and dark colors will make a large house seem smaller.
  • A large, boxy house can be broken up by using a trim color that contrasts the body color.
  • A small house will appear larger if the trim is painted the same color as the body of the house.
  • Light colors will help keep a home cooler in warmer climates, because they absorb less heat. Dark colors will help keep a home warmer in cooler climates, because they absorb more heat.
  • Because light colored paint films absorb less heat, they will generally last longer than darker colored paint films.
  • Some communities have restrictions on what colors can be used on house exteriors, so check this out before you make your choice.
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